Never find yourself searching for a fact or figure again!

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I do like a pub quiz. This is perhaps a strange(ish) way to start a post about how to improve your memory.

It’s true that in most cases the pub quiz readers seemingly lose the ability to read (either that, or they’re too sloshed on complimentary beer to care). In these instances, the challenge becomes less about the actual question and more about trying to decipher their pronunciation of anything remotely foreign.

Then there’s the half time interval- where you give your brain a rest by stuffing your face with…

Reflections from an enthusiastic (slightly cynical) traveller.

View from one of the many bridges in Amsterdam (taken after getting lost for the eighth time)

I am a firm believer in the positive power of words. For those in need of evidence (and some bad writing) you check out my life lesson ramblings at

Aside from a belief in self-improvement, though, I am also a big fan of travelling. Granted, I am not as hardcore as some- you are unlikely to read about my four-week trek into the deepest reaches of the Andes for instance.

That said, I do, and always have, derived a lot of pleasure from sampling different cultures and experiencing new locations. …

From someone who invested (a small amount) themselves. Please note, this is not financial advice.

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Anyone who knows me will state (pretty conclusively) that I am not a risk taker. I like to plan, I like to know what I’m getting myself in for.

If you need evidence, I am the sort of person who creates a holiday itinerary and pre-books the life out of it.

Even when investing money, I take the relatively low risk option of investing in passively managed index funds.

That’s not to say I don’t have an interest in old fashioned stocks and shares. Indeed…

How strength can be found from adversity

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I subscribe to a certain motto. It is one that I developed many years ago. It would be nice to be able to share an inspirational story of its inception — however I couldn’t honestly pinpoint a specific point. It has evolved from my own life and the experiences I have faced.

Anyway, it has helped me a lot over the past few years. Indeed, in the scary world we live in, it’s a phrase I regularly tell the students that I teach.

I’d like to share it with you, too:

The strength…

What my own journey to self improvement has taught me about achieving your goals.

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how important self improvement is. The clue’s in the name, really.

Over the past 10 months, I have made it my mission to try embrace the power of self improvement. To improve the quality of my life.

It’s been hard going — I’m not going to pretend otherwise — but I am slowly seeing results.

In doing daily yoga, for example, I can now crouch down without my knees feeling like they will pop out of their…

And, even better, it won’t cost you a single penny.

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It’s quite a grand claim. But it’s true.

Don’t worry, I am not going to start selling you some magic beans or Peruvian Snake Oil. The solution is easier than you think. It’s also a lot closer to home, too (unless you live in Peru).

And — the cherry on the cake — it’s absolutely free.

What is this magic, life changing elixir?


The book that kindled my sleep fascination

I am currently going through something of a revolution in my awareness of sleep.

For that, I have Matthew Walker’s 2017 book ‘Why We Sleep’ to…

And how it can change yours, too (it even works with a 9–5 job).

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It was the end of August 2020. The many months of the first UK National Covid-19 lockdown were drawing to a close.

I teach (feel free to shower me with sympathy) and had spent the past 6 months furiously wrestling with online learning (to mixed success).

With the new academic year in sight, though, I was determined to start September with a new approach to work.

Working from home— despite its limitations and challenges — had helped me realise that it was possible to obtain a more healthy work-life balance.

I had spent much of my working life prior to…

Forever banish the blank stares and confused head scratching

Adult engaging in explanation of book to child
Adult engaging in explanation of book to child
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The other day, I experienced what you might call an awkward moment. In my life, awkward moments come along every day ending with the letter ‘y’. I am not unfamiliar with them.

What, you may ask, was this rather embarrassing event?

Well, I was telling a story.


We’ve all been there (I hope). If not, just play along. Humour me.

I hope this sounds familiar? If not, I’m in trouble…

You’ve committed yourself to a story. In your mind, you picture yourself like Stephen Fry; about to whisk your listeners away into the pigments of your verbal painting.

My god…

Find out how you too can master the art of management.

person in management shuffling papers
person in management shuffling papers
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I find watching ducks relaxing.

Not the opening sentence you were probably expecting. It’s true though. It’s what I might consider to be a ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ (along with complaining about the weather

Anyway, a few months ago- when going to duck ponds was the sort of pastime you might engage in- I had the pleasure of spending a very relaxing Summer afternoon in the presence of a particularly picturesque pond. There I sat, throwing nuggets of dried bread and watching the inevitable scrap for the largest…

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